Sensei Monir Bhuiyan

Sensei Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan

(Branch Chief, IKO Bangladesh)

To illustrate the history of International Karate Organization (I.K.O) Bangladesh branch, it is essential and important to write down details about the Bangladesh Branch Chief, Sensei Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan (Black Belt 4. Dan from Japan) though officially opened the I.K.O. Bangladesh Branch on 21st October 1991 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

But Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan started Martial Arts from 1978 and he passed over the long and hard way that comedown to today’s destination. So Kyokushin Karate in Bangladesh means Sensei Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan. Who was born in Dhaka on 30th September 1961.
1978: May be is not an important year to the historian. But a young boy dreamed to be a big Martial Artiest and he Mr. Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan. Monir started Martial Arts (Judo) at the Bangladesh Judo and Karate Federation in 1978 under Mr. Awolad Hassain when he was in 17 years old, End of the year he got the Brown Belt, same time he also started Bando Karate under Mr. Badol in the Bangladesh Judo & Karate Federation. December he joined the Bangladesh  Dragon Karate center and started Bando Karate under Sensei Rafiqul Islan Newton.

1980: Sensei Rafiqul Islam Newton appointed him as an instructor for Bangladesh Dragon Karate Association headquarters.

1981: Monir participated in the 1st all Bangladesh Dragon Karate Tournament and he wined the Group Champion. Sensei Rafiqul Islam Newton gave him Brown Belt.

1982: Monir got an opportunity, he meets with a Japanese Karate teacher Mr. Shegero Takahashi (Gogorio Karate) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

1984: Sensei Takahashi honored to Monir as a Black Belt.  April Sensei Takahashi go back to Japan.

1985: Monir do not stopped his aim, he Joined again to the National Sports council Bangladesh Judo and Karate Federation for Shotokan to wadorio Karate under Sensei Titsuro Kitamura (from Japan). And he got the Brown Belt after 8th Months.

The year 1985 Monir got a great opportunity to go to Japan, Sensei Takahashi help him and    introduce him the world famous and world wide Karate organization Kyokushin Budo Karate Organization headquarter in Tokyo, Japan.

1986: The thirsty young Karateka Monir Joined to the Kyokushin Karate (I.K.O) headquarter    (Honbu), Toshimaku, Tokyo, Japan. Under the founder of Kyokushin Karate, Sosai Mas. Oyama (King of Karate). Monir take first lesson in I.K.O. Honbu from Shokei Akioshi Matsui, he is one of the teacher in Honbu at that time. Monir started practice under Sosai Mas. Oyama, Sensei Shokei A. Matsui, Sensei Nakamur, Sensei Akimuto and Sensei Kitamoto Etc. in the I.K.O. Honbu (headquarter) Kyokushinkai kan.

1989: March, the dreamy young man Monir’s dream comes true, he got the Black Belt 1st DAN.He participated in the Nakano ken open full-contact Karate Tournament, got 3rd Place. And participated in the Japan UV open full-contact Karate tournament and become champion.   And participated in the Osaka weight category full-contact karate Tournament in Osaka, End of  the year Monir participated in the 21st All Japan open full-contact Karate Tournament. Etc.​








1990: March, Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan got the Black belt 2nd DAN. Flourished his dream and turn his life for Karate. Participated in the 4th All Asia open Full-Contact Karate Tournament in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Several newspapers publish his interview with photograph. Sosai Mas. Oyama appointed him as a Branch Chief for Bangladesh. End of the year Monir come back in Dhaka, Bangladesh.



In Japan Monir fight with world top fighters like- Kenji Midori (who was 5th world champion the year 1991), Shokei Akioshi Matsui       (4th World Champion 1987), Shishino Ue (Havey weight Champion 1988), Uoe Sempai, Tamura Sempai and others top fighter in the Honbu that time.

1991: 21st October the day is memorable for every Bangladeshis that the Kyokushin Karate (I.K.O) Bangladesh Branch Chief, Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan officially declared and opened the Kyokushin Karate I.K.O. Bangladesh Branch. at National Sports Council Gymnasium Hall, Purana Paltan, Dhaka.



1992: I.K.O. Bangladesh Branch participated in the 5th All Asia open full-contact Karate Tournament in Sri-Lanka. This last Time Monir meet with Sosai Mas. Oyama. Monir invited from Bangladesh Television magazine program (Ettadi), It’s turned the history of Bangladesh Martial Arts.

1993: Monir again invited from Bangladesh Television magazine program (Antorango) Monir and his students show a beautiful demonstration in the program. Monir breaking 1.5kg Stone by his bear hand.

1996: June the 1st Black Belt Test will be held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shihan Peter Chong (I.K.O. Vice – Chairman) from Singapore came to Bangladesh as a chief examiner and Bangladesh Branch Chief, Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan will be examiner. 15 students of I.K.O. Bangladesh, will be participated in the test.

1998: Branch Chief Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan Invited from Bangladesh Television (BTV) for show the Kyokushin Karate teaching program in the BTV’s (Krirajagat) program for one year, every Friday.


1999: Branch Chief Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan participated in the 7th World Open Full-Contact Karate Tournament in Tokyo, Japan, he fight to the 2nd round. And he participated in the Mistumine Dan (Black Belt)  Promotion Test and achieved Black Belt 3. DAN.

2000: The 1st All Bangladesh open Breaking and Kata tournament will be held at the National Sports Council Gymnasium Hall.

2003: Branch Chief Monir’s drema going to be successful. The 1st All Bangladesh Open full- contact Karate Tournament will be held on 12th September in the Dhaka University Gymnasium Hall. Chief Guest, Matsushiro Horiguchi (Honorable Ambassador, Embassy of Japan, Dhaka)Bangladesh Branch Student participated in the 8th World Open Full-Contact Karate Tournament in Tokyo, Japan. Monir participated in the Mistumine Dan (Black Belt) Promotion Test and achieved Black Belt 4 DAN.

2005: The year is memorable in the International Karate Organization (IKO) Kyokushinkai kan Honbu, and around the Kyokushin world for Bangladesh Branch Chief Monir Ahmed Bhuiyan, first time organized an International Karate Tournament in Bangladesh. Name the 1st SAARC Country Open Full-Contact Karate Tournament, which will be held on 18th November 2005, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

2007: Branch Chief Monir participate in the 9th World Karate Tournament as a Judge, And he will participate in the Mitsumine Dan promotion Test for 5 DAN.

2008: The 2nd  All Bangladesh Open Full-Contact Karate Tournament and 1st Kids Karate Tournament will be held on 9th May Published a beautiful Souvenir Magazine Several News paper and TV Channel (Channel i) coverage the program. 6th Black Belt Test held. Participated in the 11th Asia Open Karate Championship held on 25th October in Singapore.

2009: 7th Black Belt Test held. Black Belt giving ceremony held at National B.B Stadium  Honorable Foreign Minister Dr. Dipo Moni present as chief guest. Beautiful demonstration program demonstrated by Black Belt students of Bangladesh Branch.

2010: The 3rd All Bangladesh Breaking and Kata Tournament will be held on 15th May Published a beautiful Souvenir Magazine. Several News paper and TV Channel ATN Bangla coverage the program.

2013: After lots of achievement sensei Monir will organized the 3rd SAARC Country open Karate Tournament in Dhaka. ​

2015: Lots of Success 1st International open Karate Tournament held on October in Dhaka, Bangladesh Dr. Shirin Sharmin Chowdhury MP. Honarable Speaker (National Perliament of Govt. of Bangladesh) Present as Chief Guest of the Tournament.

2016: The 2nd International open Karate Tournament held on 9th December in Dhaka, Bangladesh honorable Mayor Annisul Huq (Dhaka North City Corporation Present as Chief Guest of the Tournament. And finally 25th Anniversary Award Program will be held on 11th December, Unreachable Dream comes true, Sensei Monir finally can furnished an successfully completed his one of Dream.


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